It is the University's conviction that being part of an international community is itself and education, and that when students make the most opportunities to learn from those who are different to themselves, they gain insights they would not experience any other way. For us diversity is an asset.

The role of University is to acknowledge that people have genuine concerns and difficulties - and to work on solutions to these - but also to be a place of diversity, openness, inclusion and welcome.

As a university, we are in many ways an experimental country to bring international perspectives into the educational experience. For us it is a moral voyage with an emphasis on innovation and putting knowledge to service. And if it isn't, we will fall far short of what we can be. And we will fail to answer questions from students and society about what a university is for at a time of change and limited resource

Our University shows what an international community can and should be. A place of diversity in which talents are brought together to do good in our world. 

Some of the leaders of the future are with us at now and takes is to make the very most of them being amongst us. Let's learn form and teach one another about our hope for a future society typified by talent, respect and international collaboration.